Rashmi Hegde, PhD.

The MS in Biomedical Research Technologies is an innovative program born out of a growing need in academic, medical, industrial and government laboratories for bench scientists trained in the techniques of modern-day biomedical research. 

Our aim is to immerse students in the biomedical research environment and provide rigorous laboratory-based training so that they can join the scientific work-force that will fuel the medical innovations of the future.

Hands-on training in state-of-the-art research facilities is a cornerstone of our curriculum. In addition, all of our students are required to complete 3 semesters of full-time mentored, graded research in either a laboratory at Cincinnati Childrens' Hospital Medical Center or at our industrial partner Eli Lily and Company in Indianapolis. During this time, students will have the opportunity to use their training in a real-world setting, learn to plan and execute experiments, analyze data and present their results in written and oral format. Importantly, students are paid a stipend for many of these 3-semester long internships.

We invite you to browse our website, give us a call or email to obtain more information and better understand how our MS in the Biomedical Research Techniques track can prepare you for a rewarding career in scientific research.

Rashmi Hegde, PhD
Professor of Pediatrics
Director, M.S. Biomedical Research Technologies