A 3-semester internship (for credit) is a requirement for graduation.

The goal of these internships is to provide students with a complete immersion experience in a real-life laboratory. Students are expected to be involved in experimental design, performing research studies, interpretation and presentation of results, and problem-solving. The student is required to submit periodic reports to the MS Program regarding their internship projects and maintain at least a "B" average. During the internship the student continues to be a registered student.

Financial support: Some host laboratories are able to provide students stipends during the second year internship.

Internships can be conducted through:

As one of the nation’s top funded pediatric research institutions, Cincinnati Children’s has more than 1 million square feet of dedicated research space, making us the largest pediatric research facility in the country. Browse our divisions and learn more about the many labs that you have an opportunity to join as an intern with the Biomedical Research MS Program.
Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation provides cutting-edge, cost-effective technology and data analysis that would be unattainable on an individual research basis. Learn more about our Shared Facilities.