Immunology Graduate Program
Albert B. Sabin Fellowship

The Albert B. Sabin Fellowship

The Albert B. Sabin Fellowship has been established to inspire and support outstanding Medical Scientist (MD / PhD) students pursuing a PhD in Immunology. Albert Sabin’s development of the Polio vaccine saved hundreds of thousands of people from a terrible paralytic viral disease. Recipients of the Sabin Fellowship should embody Albert’s compassion for human suffering; possess a passion for Immunology; and a desire for innovative research fueled by scientific curiosity. Apply Now.

Fellowship Benefits

  • $10,000 in  Sabin Funds upon entering the PhD program to be used by the Fellow for
    • research and/or travel to scientific meetings
  • International Immunology research opportunities (Germany, South Africa, Botswana, China) via the IRTG and the global health initiative
  • Personalized mentorship by leadership faculty
  • Starting stipend of $35,000 annually. Once a fellow has met Doctoral candidacy in the Immunology Program the stipend will increase to $37,000 per year. 
  • Full tuition support for University of Cincinnati medical school and graduate school
  • Student health insurance

Highlights of our Immunology Program

  • NIH T32-funded Training Program
  • Over the last 3 years, 83% of students that applied were successful in obtaining F30/31 NRSA Fellowships
  • Highly acclaimed, award-winning faculty with outstanding track records training students
Last Name First Name Medical Entrance Date PhD Entrance Date Current Year Lab Research Topics
Rossi Amy 2017 2019 G3 Hildeman Mechanistic targeting of alloreactive plasma cells
Stevens Jake 2018 2020 G2 Deshmukh CD8+ tissue-resident immunity to primary and heterotypic Influenza A controlled by commensal microbiota
Sawada Keisuke 2019 2021 G1
Divanovic TBD
Nora 2020 2022
M2 Waggoner N/A

Who is Albert B. Sabin?

Dr. Albert B. Sabin was a pre-eminent Medical investigator at Cincinnati Children's, dedicated to researching the causes and cures of viruses and diseases.

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Continuing Sabin's legacy

-- Following in his footsteps

-- Innovative research opportunities

-- Pioneering new treatments

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