Students in the Immunology Graduate Program come from a wide range of backgrounds and from many countries, including China, Egypt and Turkey. All share a dedication to understanding and innovating at the cutting edge of immunology research. The program prepares students to be leaders in our field, through a combination of intensive classroom and hands-on research training.  

Thanks to the strong partnership between the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation, our students experience a wide range of learning activities with some of the world’s top immunobiologists. During the first year, they complete required courses on immunology, immunological mechanisms of disease, molecular biology and molecular genetics.  The first year also includes at least three laboratory rotations that will help them select thesis topics by the end of the year. 

In the second through fourth years, students will focus entirely on their thesis research. The highly accomplished faculty of the Program provide a wide variety of research experiences for the student to choose from ranging from basic immunological mechanisms to the study of immune dysfunction in human disease. At the completion of this program, the student will have a solid foundation in state-of-the-art immunologic, molecular, genetic, and genomics approaches to conducting medical research and be well prepared to meet the biomedical challenges of the future.

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