Name: Anastassia Tselikova
Undergraduate institution: UCLA
From: San Francisco, CA

As an incoming med student, Tselikova is keeping her options open when it comes to clinical specialties. She says she heard tales of students changing their minds in their third or fourth-year and would like to give herself maximum flexibility.  "But as far as research interest goes, I love immunology,” says Tselikova. "I did research as an undergrad and at the NIH in this field.

It was the Immunology Graduate Program at the University of Cincinnati (UC) and Cincinnati Children’s that made becoming a Bearcat irresistible when considering med schools. Laboratories and the projects underway in the program are impressive, says Tselikova. 

"Cincinnati was one of my top choices based on the very quickly expanding immunology program. The graduate program and the research opportunities here were just fascinating. There have been a lot of scholarly papers that recently came out and they are expanding the program, putting more money into immunology-related research and recruiting more faculty.” excerpt from UC health news

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