Jeffrey A. Whitsett Physician Scientist Training Fellowship
Become a Preferred Applicant

Become a Preferred Applicant for the Jeffrey A. Whitsett Fellowship

If you would like to be considered as a preferred applicant, please complete our short questionnaire. By doing so, you will be entered in our database as a preferred applicant and receive the following benefits:

  1. A no-cost review of your academic credentials / scores and feedback from the Directors of Admissions for the MSTP and MDB programs as to whether your application is likely to be competitive, prior to formally applying to the programs.
  2. A direct connection with our Program Coordinator via Skype, email and telephone and special assistance with the application procedure if your application is deemed to be competitive.

What is dual MD and PhD training?

The training of physician Scientist through a MD/PhD program combines medical school with three or four years of PhD training.

Learn more about the benefits this unique training combination can bring to your career.