MDB Student Life

The MDB program recognizes that pursuing an advanced degree requires intense discipline, commitment and sacrifice, but that it also requires a healthy and happy person with a well-balanced life outside of the lab. The goal of MDB Student Life is to provide prospective students and our student family with the total MDB student experience.

Watch: Life as an MDB Grad Student

MDB Student Officers 2019-2020

  • Social Coordinators: Organize social and recreational events for MDB students.
  • Seminar Coordinators: Organize Wednesday breakfast and lunch meetings with seminar speakers and MDB students.
  • Student Representatives: Act as liaisons between the MDB students and faculty; attend MDB faculty meetings and present student questions and concerns.
  • Admissions Representatives: Participate in the interview process and recruitment of new MDB students each year.
  • HSGA Representatives: Attend HSGA meetings and provide MDB students with information about GSGA travel grants and opportunities.
  • Student meeting coordinator: Organize monthly meetings where MDB students give presentations to prepare for conferences and symposiums.
  • Website coordinator: Updates the MDB program website with new developments, current events and progress made by faculty and staff.