Academic Requirements

  • One semester of Biochemistry and/or one semester of Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • One semester of Gene Regulation
  • Two semesters of Developmental Biology
  • One semester of Development and Disease
  • One semester of Ethics in Research

Additional courses may be required depending on the area of emphasis you are studying.

To graduate with a PhD from the Molecular and Developmental Biology graduate program, you will need to:

  • Complete 90 graduate credit hours
  • Maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 in all doctoral course work
  • Complete at least two laboratory rotations
  • Present and attend required seminars
  • Participate in the program's Journal Club
  • Successfully pass the candidacy qualifying exam
  • Submit and defend a doctoral dissertation

The full requirements can be found in the Program Handbook 


Suggested Curriculum for First Year Students

Fall Semester  Spring Semester 
Developmental Biology Seminar
DB 9001 (1 hr.)
Developmental Biology Seminar
DB 9002 (1 hr.)
Journal Club
DB 9004 (1 hr.)
Journal Club
DB 9005 (1 hr.)
Developmental Biology Laboratory Research
DB 9073 (4 hrs.)
Developmental Biology Laboratory Research
DB 9073 (3 hrs.)
Introduction to Developmental Biology
DB 9085C (3 hrs.)
Advanced Developmental Biology
DB 9086C (3 hrs.)

Molecular & Cellular Biology
GNTD 7001 (3 hrs.)


Biochemistry & Cell Signaling
GNTD 7002 (3 hrs.)

Gene Regulation
MG 8001 (3 hrs.)
Ethics in Research
GNTD 7003 (1 hr.)