Creating Your Legacy

Few people understood Mike Middleton as well as his beloved animals. 

Comfort for kids.As an only child with limited use of his arms and a bad back due to a bout with polio, Mike often felt different and isolated from other kids.

But he always felt close to his animals. Russell, Mike’s Jack Russell terrier, was always there for companionship on walks around his farm. King, his quarter horse, followed him around like a younger brother. And in his final days, Mike found solace while feeding his “buddies” – the fish in his pond – at sundown. 

Mike was able to share his connection to and love of animals with patients at Cincinnati Children’s through a gift from his estate. To help kids heal, he specified that we use his gift for therapeutic programs that allow kids to connect with animals and nature, such as our equine, pet and horticulture therapy programs. 

Mike’s legacy will provide the comfort and healing power of nature to future generations of patients at Cincinnati Children’s.

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Stacy Blomeke.There are many ways we can help you create a life-saving legacy, uniquely tailored to your philanthropic and financial goals.

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