Teagan.Most parents relish watching their baby sleep, but for our family, it was the most concerning time of day.

That’s when it was most apparent that our son, Teagan, wasn’t filling out his crib. His growth was stagnant, and he appeared so tiny and fragile.

We feared he was wasting away. We turned to the experts at Cincinnati Children’s where we learned that Teagan has eosinophilic esophagitis – a chronic gastrointestinal disorder that causes the body to treat food like a foreign invader.

“Chronic” isn’t so scary when you are working with doctors you trust. Thanks to the expertise of the specialists at Cincinnati Children’s, combined with personalized care (and lots of prayers), we were soon able to put together a plan to give Teagan the best chance of success in managing this rare disorder.

Cincinnati Children’s changed our outlook by giving us a diagnosis to tackle and by valuing our opinion regarding Teagan’s care. Today, he’s a thriving 3-year-old. The happiness we see in his eyes is testament to the amazing care we’ve received from Cincinnati Children’s.

− Kenya (grateful mother of Teagan)

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