‘This is Carson, reporting live from Seacrest Studios’

Carson.You might see me walking down the halls here at Cincinnati Children’s because I come to the medical center pretty often. I have really special skin because I was born with a condition called epidermolysis bullosa. My skin has to be wrapped every day for protection. 

My mom, dad and the doctors here at Cincinnati Children’s take really good care of me. If I could say one thing to my doctors, I’d say, you are the greatest doctors I have ever seen. You are the best! 

When I’m at Cincinnati Children’s, I like to hang out at the Seacrest Studios. Everyone calls me “Radio Star” because they always ask me to go on the air. I like being able to talk to kids in the hospital and helping them feel better. My doctors help me stay healthy so I can get famous and be like Ryan Seacrest when I grow up. 

So the next time you're at Cincinnati Children's, tune in to WKID 33, and you’ll have the chance to listen to all the great people at the studio, and maybe me! 

− Carson, 7