Volunteer Dog Program

Volunteer Dog Program for Volunteers

When children are in the hospital, a huggable new friend can raise their spirits. Our Dog Visitation Program brings comfort and affection to children and families during a stressful or lonely time.

To participate in this volunteer program, you must be at least 21 years old. Your dog must:

  • Be at least 1 year old
  • Have lived with you for at least one year
  • Pass a behavioral evaluation given by Cincinnati Children’s

Behavioral evaluations for dogs take place only once a year, usually in January or February. You may have to wait before your dog can be evaluated. Please be patient; we want and encourage your participation.

You can have your name put on our waiting list for the next evaluation. In the meantime, review the “Is My Dog Ready to Volunteer?” checklist and complete the Dog Visitation Program Application. You will be contacted in December to set up an appointment for your dog.

Meet our Dogs

A photo of a volunteer dog named Abby with Child Life Assistant.
Our Dog Visitation Program is so successful because of the four-legged friends who staff the program. Meet the Dogs

Contact Us

An image of a boy with Cincinnati Children's volunteer dog named Abby.
For more information about the Dog Visitation Program, contact us. Contact Dog Visitation

Program Application

A photo of volunteer dog named Abby with patient at Cincinnati Children's.
If you are interested in volunteering for the Dog Visitation Program, review the “Is My Dog Ready to Volunteer?” checklist. Complete this form to be contacted for our next set of behavioral evaluations.