Behavior Checklist

Is My Dog Ready to Volunteer?

Review this behavior checklist to see if your dog is ready to be evaluated for the Dog Visitation Program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

We are looking for a physically calm dog who is not excited by being in new places. We are also looking for a dog willing to make direct eye contact with strangers and engage with them. We find that the dogs who do best on our evaluation are dogs who have had at least one year of therapy work in the community.

___ My dog is at least 1 year old and has lived with me for at least one year.

___ My dog can walk calmly on a 6-foot leash not wearing a training collar and not pulling on the leash.

___ My dog can perform basic commands (sit / down / stay) without treats.

___ My dog can approach people for petting without jumping on them.

___ My dog does not lick people when greeting them.

___ My dog takes treats nicely from hands without biting.

___ My dog is comfortable (calm) in unfamiliar surroundings including walking on slick floors.

___ My dog is accepting of the presence of other dogs.

___ My dog is willing to make eye contact with strangers and engage with them in a calm manner.

If you think your dog is ready to begin the process of becoming a volunteer therapy dog, fill out this form, and we will contact you for an appointment for a behavioral evaluation.