What Are MAGEC Rods?

MAGEC rods are used to treat certain types of early onset scoliosis (EOS). MAGEC stands for MAGnetic Expansion Control. Growing rods have been used to treat scoliosis for many years. Here’s how traditional growing rods and MAGEC rods differ:

  • Traditional growing rods are placed into a child’s back during surgery. Because children grow so quickly, the rods need to be lengthened about every six months. Each time the rods are lengthened surgery is needed.
  • The MAGEC system combines traditional growing rods with new magnet technology. MAGEC rods are put into a child’s back during surgery one time. After that, they can be lengthened in clinic using a remote control and powerful magnets. This allows a child to grow without needing repeat surgeries.

The goal with any growing rod is to stop the spinal curve from progressing. Another goal is to straighten the spine.