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Whenever your child has an urgent medical problem, you should try to call your child's primary care physician first. Staff at our urgent care centers cannot answer medical questions or advise you about your child's health over the phone. You and your child's doctor know your child best and together can decide on the most appropriate care for your child.

If you do not have a primary care physician, you can call the Pediatrician Referral Service at 513-636-4724 for help finding a physician in your area.

Our doctors and nurses are trained in pediatrics and are the same experts who treat patients at the Emergency Department at our main hospital.
Most insurance companies do cover urgent care visits, but we recommend you consult your insurance company for more information. Some companies ask that you get a referral from your physician before the visit. And many insurance companies require co-pays, which should be listed on your insurance card. If you have billing questions, contact Billing Customer Service.

We do not take appointments during urgent care hours. Patients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis, and depending on the severity of the illness or injury. Please understand the number of patients coming to an urgent care center at any particular time varies and you may have to wait. We will do our best to get you in as soon as possible.

We realize all children in the urgent care center are ill, injured or in need of some type of care. Some children are brought to an urgent care center with more serious problems and may need to be seen immediately for treatment before being transferred to the Emergency Department. And some children in the waiting room are there for lab tests or X-rays and are not there to see the urgent care physician.

We do not complete routine school, camp or athletic physicals at our urgent care centers. Contact your child's primary care physician to make an appointment.

If your child's urgent care physician orders lab or radiology tests, our pediatric technicians will perform the tests while you wait. Pediatric radiologists from Cincinnati Children's will review all X-rays before you leave. Your child's urgent care physician will give you the results before you leave, and the results will be given to your child's primary care physician.

If your child's primary care doctor has written an order or a prescription for an X-ray or lab work, and you don't need to see an urgent care physician, you can go to one of our neighborhood locations to get these tests completed.

X-ray and Lab Hours:

Cincinnati Children's Liberty Campus
Laboratory services: Monday-Friday: 7 am-8 pm | Saturday: 8 am-3 pm | Sunday: 10 am-2 pm
Radiology services available 24 hours a day. No appointment necessary for routine X-rays. Some radiology testing is available by appointment only; call ahead.

Cincinnati Children's Anderson, Mason and Green Township Locations
Monday-Friday: 8 am-11 pm  |  Saturday: 8am-7 pm  |  Sunday 11 am-7 pm

Cincinnati Children's Fairfield
Monday-Thursday: 8 am-8 pm | Friday: 8 am-6 pm | Saturday: 8 am-12 pm | Closed Sunday

If your child's injury is serious and our physician thinks your child needs to see a specialist right away, such as an orthopaedic or plastic surgeon, you will be sent to the Emergency Department at our main hospital.
We are able to stitch most cuts at our urgent care centers. Occasionally a plastic surgeon is needed, and you and the urgent care physician can make that decision. 

We do not have orthopaedists available during urgent care hours, but we can diagnose and splint most fractures. Simple fractures usually are splinted until the swelling goes down. When the swelling decreases, your child will need to see one of our orthopaedic surgeons for a cast. Our staff will give you the number to our Call Center, 513-636-3200, so you can schedule a follow-up appointment with one of our orthopaedic surgeons.

If your child's break is serious and the urgent care physician thinks your child needs to see an orthopaedist right away, you will be sent to the Emergency Department at our main hospital.

We do not have a dentist available during urgent care hours. If your child has tooth pain or a tooth injury, you will need to go to the Emergency Department at our main hospital where a pediatric dentist is available.
For a list of the pharmacies in your area and their hours, ask the nurse before you leave the urgent care center.

Our urgent care centers are not 24-hour facilities. If you are unable to get to an urgent care center before we close, please take your child to the Emergency Department at either Cincinnati Children's Main Campus or Cincinnati Children's Liberty Campus.

The Emergency Department can be reached any time by calling 513-636-4293.

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