• Visiting Policies

    Family support is important to children in the hospital. Most of our patient care units welcome and encourage parents / guardians to stay with their child at all times.

    Our intensive care, bone marrow transplant and psychiatric units have unit-specific guidelines. Staff will discuss any special guidelines with you.

    Visitor Restrictions are Currently in Place

    To protect the health of our patients, their families and our staff, fall / winter visitor restrictions have been implemented.

    To help you plan for admissions and appointments:

    • All visitors should be healthy – free from fever, cough, colds, or stomach virus symptoms. Parents and guardians are not considered visitors.
    • In general, only children seeking evaluation or treatment at Cincinnati Children’s should be brought to the facility.
    • Visitation by children under 14 years of age is limited to siblings only. 
    • Non-siblings who are over the age of 14 years and are healthy may visit in the patient’s room.
    • No more than two visitors, in addition to parents / guardians, should be in patient rooms at any one time.
    • Only parents or guardians should visit in our critical care areas – Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and Newborn Intensive Care Unit. Limited visitation by other individuals, as designated by the parents, must be arranged in advance with staff.
    • Playrooms and unit play areas are open only to patients and their parents / legal guardians. Siblings will not be permitted.
    • Children in waiting areas must be supervised at all times.

    Identification Required for Visitors

    Cincinnati Children’s requires identification for visitors when obtaining the access card and/or visiting ID sticker needed to go beyond the first level of the Location A or B buildings.

    If you’re a parent or guardian, you will receive a photo badge/access card when your child is admitted to the hospital so that you can go in and out of your child’s unit for the entire stay. You will also be asked to complete the "Family and Friends Checklist" with the names of all family members and friends you wish to visit.

    If you’re a family member or friend planning to visit a patient, please check in at the Welcome Desk in Location A or B. Guest Services will ask for identification, validate your name on the patient’s “Family and Friend’s Checklist,” and provide you a photo ID sticker and a temporary access card needed to visit the patient’s unit during visiting hours (8:30 am-8:30 pm) for that day. If your name is not on the list, we ask that you contact the family to be added.

    If you have a clinic appointment in Location A or B (above the first level), check in at the Welcome Desk upon arrival. Guest Services will validate your appointment and provide you with the sticker needed to access the Location A or B elevators and clinic.

    If you have questions about the process, call guest services at 513-636-5009 or 888-894-1374 or send an email to guestservices@cchmc.org.

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    Visiting Policies.

    Cincinnati Children’s now asks for identification when obtaining the access card and/or visiting ID sticker needed to go beyond the first level of the Location A or B buildings.

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