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The Crosby Lab focuses on youth with chronic diseases including sickle cell disease (SCD). SCD is the most prevalent genetic disorder affecting youth in the United States and primarily affects Black / African-Americans and Hispanic / Latinos(as). SCD results in high levels of morbidity and mortality and youth living with SCD report high levels of stigma so there is a critical need for research on ways to improve their quality of life and address inequities that contribute to poor psychosocial and physical health outcomes.

Our lab also works on several projects to improve the health of our local community, communities of color, as well as individuals from marginalized groups. Our projects integrate technology, design-thinking, quality improvement, and best practices for research with diverse populations.

We are also committed to involving stakeholders throughout the entire research project when possible and using qualitative research methods to ensure stakeholders’ voices are heard.

Sickle Cell Research

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Because sickle cell disease affects so many people, conducting relevant and effective research is imperative. Learn more about our sickle cell research. Learn More

Other Areas of Interest

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Our lab takes part in a number of additional projects and programs, both at Cincinnati Children’s and in the community.  Learn More