Other Interests

Our lab takes part in a number of additional projects and programs, both at Cincinnati Children’s and in the community. Learn more about our work in a range of research, education and community engagement initiatives.

INNOVATIONS in Community Research and Program Evaluation at Cincinnati Children's offers a wide range of services to all levels of community agencies and community-based organizations. We provide these organizations with program evaluation services and consultation, technical assistance and web-based data systems, grant writing assistance, and strategic planning and quality improvement consultation. Dr. Crosby serves as co-director of INNOVATIONS.

Through the Community Engagement Core of the Center for Clinical and Translational Research at Cincinnati Children’s, we are implementing education and training initiatives, including:

  • Training in community-engaged research for academic health investigators, medical students and residents, graduate students and community members
  • Expansion of practice-based research networks
  • Implementation of the Community Leaders Institute to build organizational and community capacity that strengthens collaborative health research and outcomes

Dr. Crosby is the co-director of the Community Engagement Core.

Sickle-Cell Disease Research & Education Day.Sickle Cell Disease Research and Education Day is an annual event that brings together patients with sickle cell disease and their families to enjoy a fun filled day of education and research. This event has been successful for over a decade, with over 600 patients and 90 families attending in the past year. Families engage in educational presentations as well as on-site research studies throughout the day. With a deeply rooted “family reunion” atmosphere, Sickle Cell Disease Research and Education Day starts off with a buffet lunch and offers families the opportunity to meet one another or renew friendship. Through education, research, and fellowship, attendees are able to develop a greater sense of awareness of the disease and its management.

For more information about the event and to learn how you can be involved, please contact us at SCDResearchDay@cchmc.org.

Cincinnati Children's has a long history of training psychologists at the post-doctoral level and is one of the nation's largest pediatric / child psychology fellowship training programs. Each year, we admit seven to eight new fellows in specialized areas of training. The fellowships last for one to two years. Learn more about our Behavioral Medicine / Psychology Fellowship Program.

The Center for Adherence and Self-Management at Cincinnati Children’s addresses the problems surrounding adherence to medical treatment and the impact on clinical care and research. Through research, clinical care and training programs, the center addresses areas of national significance and contributes to the mission of Cincinnati Children’s by facilitating intradisciplinary collaboration and quality improvement.

The Center for Innovation in Chronic Disease Care at Cincinnati Children's was created to improve the outcomes for children and adolescents with chronic illnesses by accelerating the development of effective care delivery methods. With this goal in mind, we bring together scientists and physicians from eight academic divisions and six disciplines to foster change and facilitate experimentation. Dr. Crosby is a faculty member in the center.

The Cincinnati Children's Headache Center was designed to develop and expand research into childhood headache disorders by examining new treatment options, improving characterization of childhood headache and response patterns, and understanding the genetic pathophysiology of childhood headaches. Dr. Crosby is the center’s lead psychologist.