Center for Stem Cell & Organoid Medicine (CuSTOM)
Focus Areas

CuSTOM Accelerator: Our Major Areas of Acceleration

We are passionate about delivering on the promise of organoid technology by developing innovative solutions that are translated into commercial products and therapies for millions of patients worldwide.

Our major areas of focus include the following:


Creation of iPS cells and organoids Biobank that captures population heterogeneity in health and disease.

Pre-clinical Discovery & Development

Creation of fit-for-purpose platforms enabling new target identification, assessment of safety and efficacy, patient stratification. (Disease in a dish, Clinical trial in a dish)

Predictive Diagnostics

Creation of next generation organoid-based tools for predictive diagnostics. Discovery of new pre-clinical and clinical biomarkers of disease, patient’s outcome and specific drug responses.


Establishment and validation of organoid-based tools for personalized and effective treatment selection. Development of efficient and safe organoid-based therapies across different therapeutic areas.

Scale up & Automation

Development of reliable and highly reproducible products, scalable bioprocesses and applications with automated workflows. 

Technology Transfer

Seamlessly integration of organoid technology in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical practice through joint academic and industrial efforts and early engagement of regulatory authorities.


More Information About CuSTOM Accelerator

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