Center for Stem Cell & Organoid Medicine (CuSTOM)

CuSTOM Accelerator: Our Technology

The convergence of stem cell biology, genetic and tissue engineering is creating new fundamental ways to improve drug development, understanding of more complex human disorders and to develop new therapies for a broad array of diseases.

CuSTOM Accelerator, founded in 2019 with the generous support from the Farmer Foundation, capitalizes on these technological breakthroughs and provides a runway to develop, manufacture and deliver innovative stem cell and organoid-based research tools and methods and to improve bench-to-bedside translation of organoid medicine.

Our foundational science uses developmental biology as a roadmap to direct the differentiation of universal pluripotent stem cells into complex miniature versions of human organs. These platforms provide an unprecedented opportunity to model human disease, bridge preclinical and clinical drug development, revolutionize personalized medicine and improve patient care.

CuSTOM Accelerator Technology

At CuSTOM Accelerator we leverage our world-class preclinical and clinical expertise, experience in bioproduct development alongside leading industry partners to deliver on the promise of organoid medicine. To learn more, contact Magdalena Kasendra at