Catalyzing the Organoid Medicine Revolution 

At the CuSTOM Accelerator, we leverage our key discoveries in stem cell biology and organ development to create and apply innovative organoid-based platforms to unmet medical needs. These include organoid-based platforms enabling discovery and development of safer and more efficient drugs, precision medicine applications and organoid-based therapies to advance human health and medical practices.


Creating a healthier society by accelerating discovery and bench-to-bedside translation of organoid technology through academic-industrial partnerships, licensing agreements, and the creation of startups.


At CuSTOM Accelerator we are actively seeking strategic relationships with biopharmaceutical companies, leading academic and medical institutions which are interested in working together to advance a versatile organoid medicine centered on induced pluripotent stem cells.

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For more information about the CuSTOM Accelerator, collaboration options or career opportunities, please contact Misty Troutt at