Digestive Health Center
Bioinformatics Service

Bioinformatics Service

The objective of this service is to assist Digestive Health Center (DHC) investigators in the generation and use of genetic, genomic, and proteomic data for their ongoing and planned research initiatives. Faculty and staff from the Bioinformatics service will participate at many levels in planning, exploring, and converting DHC investigators' data into meaningful information and hypotheses by the use of appropriate genetic and statistical analyses and computational tools.


  • Design of Bulk and Single Cell Gene Expression Profiling Experiments
  • Quality Control, Normalization, and Statistical Data Analysis of Gene Expression Data Sets
  • Dissection of Regulatory Mechanisms by Computational Promoter Analysis, Chip Seq, and Encode Epigenetics Data
  • Pathway and Biological Network Analysis of GI Development, Function and Disease
  • Investigator Training

For more information regarding the services listed above visit the Bioinformatics Collaborative Services.

To obtain support contact the Bioinformatics Collaborative Staff at help-bcs@bmi.cchmc.org.

DHC Subsidy

The DHC will subsidize the cost by providing 25% of the total charge with a subsidy limit of $2,400 per DHC member per year. This subsidy is subject to change based upon the availability of funds. 

To ensure that you receive the subsidy, be sure to select a budget number that qualifies as supporting digestive disease research when prompted for the payment source in the online ordering system.

Contact Us

Core Director
Bruce Aronow, PhD
Location S10.248
Phone: 513-636-4865
Email: bruce.aronow@cchmc.org 

Core Personnel
Anil Jegga, DVM, MRes
Location S10.232
Phone: 513-636-0261
Email: anil.jegga@cchmc.org

Krishna Roskin, PhD
Location S10.222
Phone: 513-803-2902
Email: krishna.roskin@cchmc.org

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Remember to acknowledge the use of the core facility in all publications by stating:
"This project was supported in part by NIH P30 DK078392 (Gene Analysis Core of the Digestive Diseases Research Core Center in Cincinnati)."
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