The Digestive Health Center hosts a weekly seminar series which includes distinguished speakers outside the Academic Medical Center, as well as conferences presented by investigators from Cincinnati.

The seminar series is held on Tuesdays at Noon in Location S Room 6.125.

Other Digestive Disease Related Conferences

Fluxes & Barriers Research Conference

Date: On the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month

Time: 12 pm

Location: MSB 3057

Summary: Brings together researchers with interest in membrane transport, epithelial physiology, and human disease.

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Endoderm Group

Date: Meets every other Tuesday

Time: 4 pm

Location: Old Pratt Library Location R next to Research Auditorium (R3381)

Summary: Meet in an informal setting to discuss unpublished research on the development and disease of endodermal organs. 

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