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Michael Helmrath, MD, surgical director of the Intestinal Rehabilitation Center, and his team focus on strategies to improve the outcomes in children with intestinal failure. Understanding the biology of intestinal stem cells is a key to unravel the mechanism involved during the disease process. To that end, the Helmrath team developed in vitro culture techniques to maintain and expand individual human intestinal stem cell derived from human tissue samples and pluripotent stem cells as well as surgical animal models. As part of the Intestinal Stem Cell Consortium (ISCC, NIH), the Helmrath Lab is actively involved in the intestinal stem cell field.

Helmrath Lab's research process.

Current Projects

The Helmrath Lab particularly focuses on the following projects:

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Michael A. Helmrath, MD

  • Surgical Director, Intestinal Rehabilitation Program
  • Director of Surgical Research
  • Associate Director of Clinical Translation, CuSTOM
  • Director, Center for Bariatric Research and Innovation
  • Pediatric Surgeon
  • Professor, UC Department of Surgery

Phone: 513-636-3240
Email: michael.helmrath@cchmc.org

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