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The Alenghat Lab investigates epithelial and immune cell homeostasis in the context of intestinal health and disease. The goals of the lab are to provide insight into molecular mechanisms, including epigenomic pathways, that mediate the host-microbiota relationship and to examine how this level of regulation affects innate immunity and chronic conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease.
Alenghat Lab
Alenghat Lab

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A photo of Theresa Alenghat, VMD, PhD.

Theresa Alenghat, VMD, PhD

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alenghat TED talk

In her TedTalk, Dr. Alenghat shares how bacteria in the gut communicate with cells and how this relationship can be affected by diet.

Dr. Alenghat named Pew scholar.

Read the article "Gut Reaction" in Research Horizons featuring Dr. Alenghat's work exploring relationships between what we ingest, the cells lining our intestine, and the trillions of commensal bacteria (normal flora) living there.

Dr. Alenghat wins the The inaugural 2015 AGA-CCFA-Janssen Research Award in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Epigenetics Research

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