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The Hildeman Lab studies the molecular mechanisms controlling T cell development and homeostasis. The lab uses molecular, cellular, and genetic approaches in animal models and human samples to investigate cell signaling, apoptosis, and the development of memory. The lab also is developing and evaluating novel therapeutic approaches to eliminate T and B cells causing autoimmunity and solid organ transplant rejection.

Our current projects in the lab include:

  1. The role of Bcl-2 family members in control of T cell development, peripheral homeostasis, and development of cell memory
  2. The homeostasis and function of regulatory T cells and dendritic cells in aging
  3. Single cell analysis of transplant rejection
  4. Mechanistic targeting of plasma cells in transplant rejection and autoimmunity


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Research Associate: Ashley Burg
Research Assistants: Mya Bligen, Autumn Ferguson
Graduate Students: Amy Rossi, Tiffany Shi