Le Cras Lab
Current Projects and Grants

Current Projects and Grants


1) Diagnostic biomarker identification and analysis for vascular anomalies

2) Human patient-derived cell xenograft models of vascular anomalies

3) Mouse models of vascular anomalies

4) Therapeutic targeting of vascular anomalies


1. NIH R01 HL156866

PI: Le Cras

“Pathogenesis and Treatment of Kaposiform Lymphangiomatosis“

The major goals of this project are to test the hypothesis that the somatic p.Q61R NRAS mutation in human endothelial cells drives the pathogenesis of KLA and elevated production of ANGPT2.

Images below depict patient-derived xenografts - human endothelial cells implanted into immunocompromised mice generate vessels that resemble patient lesions
Diesel exhaust particles in macrophage.
Diesel exhaust particles in macrophage.
Arterial remodeling.
Arteriograms of the lungs.