Le Cras Lab

Le Cras Lab

Current Projects and Grants


1) Diagnostic biomarker identification and analysis for vascular anomalies

2) Human patient-derived cell xenograft models of vascular anomalies

3) Mouse models of vascular anomalies

4) Therapeutic targeting of vascular anomalies


1. Lymphatic Malformation Institute Foundation grant.

 PI: Le Cras

Co-PI: Dr D. Adams, Boston Children’s

“Biomarkers and Pathogenesis of Severe Lymphatic Anomalies“

The major goals of this project are to validate Ang-2 as a diagnostic and prognostic biomarker in patients with lymphatic anomalies and to determine its functional role in the pathogenesis of lymphatic anomalies in children.

2. FDA

Phase 2 study of versus Vincristine versus Sirolimus for the treatment of high risk kaposiform hemangioendothelialioma (KHE)

PI: Adams

Co-I: Le Cras

This trial will compare the efficacy of sirolimus versus vincristine for the treatment of children with severe KHE. Blood biomarker analysis is being performed by the Le Cras laboratory.

Images below depict patient-derived xenografts - human endothelial cells implanted into immunocompromised mice generate vessels that resemble patient lesions
Diesel exhaust particles in macrophage.
Diesel exhaust particles in macrophage.
Arterial remodeling.
Arteriograms of the lungs.