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Research Topics

Research Topics

Vascular anomalies are a diverse group of rare malformations and tumors that severe suffering and death in infants and children. Diagnosis of vascular anomalies in the patients frequently requires taking a tissue sample that can worsen the disease and precipitate severe complications.

The objective of our research is to identify and validate diagnostic biomarker proteins measurable in the patients’ blood and also determine the role they play in the disease. In addition we are working to develop novel disease models using cells obtained from the patients to better understand the disease process and enable new drug targets to be identified and tested. 

Diseases Under Investigation

1) Generalized lymphatic anomaly (GLA)
2) Kaposiform lymphangiomatosis (KLA)
- Image 1

 Image 1: Ang-2 levels increased in serum of KLA patients


3) Kaposiform Hemangioendothelioma (KHE) - Image 2

Image 2: Ang-2 levels increased in serum of KLA patients


4) Micro and macrocystic lymphatic anomalies
5) Pulmonary arterial hypertension  (PAH)