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Faculty Labs

Faculty Labs

See developments of our faculty labs in the Reproductive Sciences division at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center:

Our lab’s goal is to understand how the gonad is transformed from an undifferentiated embryonic organ into a highly specialized testis or ovary. We use genetically engineered mouse models to investigate how different cell types contribute to essential aspects of gonad function, including gametogenesis and steroidogenesis. We are specifically interested in how blood vessels and immune cells are involved in promoting sex-specific development of the gonad.

Our lab’s goal is to understand the endocrine, paracrine, autocrine and juxtacrine signaling networks that influence uterine biology. Using genetically engineered mouse models, we work to define the uterine characteristics and circumstances necessary for successful embryo implantation and placentation. We are particularly interested in roles of cell polarity and endocannabinoid signaling in early pregnancy events.

  • Hu Lab
  • Reddy Lab
  • Breech Lab
  • Hurley Lab
  • Dr. Hurley is a clinician whose research focuses on female infertility, fertility preservation and contraception. She also serves as a Primary Investigator on a study evaluating endometriosis treatment with UC Health Reproductive Medicine Research.

  • Mikedis Lab
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