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Our lab’s goal is to understand the endocrine, paracrine, autocrine and juxtacrine signaling networks that influence uterine biology. Using genetically engineered mouse models, we work to define the uterine characteristics and circumstances necessary for successful embryo implantation, the implications of uterine ageing and the origins of reproductive carcinomas. The lab’s research interests fall into two broad categories: embryonic implantation and pregnancy, and reproductive cancers.

Implantation & Pregnancy

Our research in this category includes investigations of Cox-2 signaling, Lif / Hoxa10 / Wnt signaling, endocannabinoids and FKBP52. Read More About Our Implantation and Pregnancy Projects

Reproductive Cancers

Using genetically engineered mice, we explore the roles of Cox-2 signaling and PTEN in uterine and epithelial ovarian cancers. Read More About Our Reproductive Cancer Projects

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SK Dey, PhD

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