Our research primarily focuses on genetic, epigenetic, and molecular mechanisms governing the aspects of uterine cell proliferation and differentiation in early pregnancy, as well as under the control of natural estrogen and xenoestrogens. We are currently interested on two major research areas. First, we primarily addresses at the genomic/epigenomic mechanisms for natural estrogen and xenoestrogen mediated actions in uterine cell biology. Another area of research specifically investigates mechanism of cell cycle regulation for the progression of uterine stromal cell differentiation for decidualization in implantation.

Non-Genomic Actions

One branch of our research investigates the nongenomic actions of natural estrogen and xenoestrogens in the uterus, exclusive of known estrogen receptors.

Decidualization in Implantation

We also examine aspects of uterine cell cycle regulation of decidualization in implantation.