Our Care Puts Your Family Front and Center

Our Cerebral Palsy Program at Cincinnati Children’s provides your child with the best possible care while never losing sight of other members of your family. Our team of experts develops a plan for care that gives your child every opportunity to thrive yet considers the emotional and practical demands a special needs child places on your family.


To be a world-class program, maximizing outcomes for children with cerebral palsy through seamless, efficient and exceptional care.


To develop a comprehensive healthcare delivery system providing the best possible care with continuous acquisition and application of new discoveries. 

We want the best outcome for your child.

The Best Outcome for Your Child

Our expert physicians, therapists, social workers, nursing care coordinators and dietitians have access to the most advanced specialty care, therapies and technology available. Whether it is robotic assistance, special braces, occupational, physical or speech therapy or medical management, your child gets the advantage of the very best care available.  And because all care is coordinated among our care team, we make the most of your child’s time with us and schedule all visits as conveniently as possible.

Experience Counts

We care for more than 1,600 children with cerebral palsy every year. Each one receives exceptional, individualized care in a family-friendly setting.  Our focus on care that is comprehensive, coordinated and family-centered is unique to our program locally and nationally.