Cerebral Palsy Program
Two-Day Mobility Surgery Evaluation | Meet the Coordinator

Meet the CP Mobility Surgery Evaluation Coordinator

Our goal is to make your child’s mobility surgery evaluation as convenient and efficient as possible. Our dedicated program coordinator, Liz Downing, will provide the information and resources you need every step of the way — before, during and after your child’s evaluation. Read her answers to our most frequent questions about our CP mobility surgery evaluations.

How can families determine whether the CP mobility surgery evaluation is right for their child?

The comprehensive surgical evaluation is for children who:

  • Have cerebral palsy
  • Are two to 18 years old
  • Can walk, with or without assistance, but could potentially improve their walking abilities through surgery

If you’d like to learn more or discuss if this evaluation is a good fit for your child, please reach out to me.

If the mobility surgery evaluation isn’t the right fit for your child, I’ll let you know. Our team may be able to suggest other options at Cincinnati Children’s, such as the Rehabilitation Medicine Cerebral Palsy Clinic or Orthopaedic Cerebral Palsy Clinic. We can also help you find additional resources in your community.

What happens before the evaluation?

I coordinate all the appointments and provide the schedule for families in advance. I also work with the rest of the team to collect any test or imaging results from other providers. A financial coordinator may reach out to families for insurance information before the visit.

We encourage families to bring a list of questions to the evaluation to make sure they do not forget anything important. If your child uses assistive devices, I will let you know which ones to bring with you.

Can you help us find a place to stay and things to do while in Cincinnati?

Yes. We have several hotels at a discounted rate around and near the medical center. We even offer free and discounted tickets to many attractions round Cincinnati, such as the top-rated Cincinnati Zoo and other fun experiences. The medical center’s concierge service can provide additional help, including information about travel arrangements and car rentals. Together, we will help make your visit as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

What should families expect when they arrive at Cincinnati Children’s?

I greet families when they arrive at the medical center each day and guide them to their appointments. We have lunch together on the first day. Cincinnati Children’s is a big place, but families find that it is friendly and easy to navigate. I’ll provide my cell phone number just in case you need help or have questions during your visit.

What happens after the evaluation?

Toward the end of the evaluation, families receive a personalized treatment plan for their child. This can include surgery, medication changes, or a new physical therapy or occupational therapy regimen. My role after the visit is to make sure families get connected with the providers their child needs for the next step in their journey. I am always available to answer questions and help in any way I can.