Cerebral Palsy Program
Rehab Medicine CP Clinic | Treatments

A Comprehensive Team Approach to CP Care

The Rehab Medicine CP Clinic evaluation takes place in one room with every team member present. Team members include:

  • Your child’s rehabilitation doctor, who leads the team. This physician specializes in CP care and is sometimes called a physiatrist or physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. These doctors manage spasticity and oversee therapy and equipment needs. They work with the rest of the team to make sure your child has the right care to reach their potential. You might see your rehab doctor one time a year at the CP Clinic or more frequently, depending on what your child needs.
  • An occupational therapist (OT). OTs identify which skills your child can develop to participate in activities of daily living to the greatest extent possible.
  • A physical therapist (PT). PTs evaluate your child’s motor skills; balance and coordination; and strength and endurance with a focus on mobility skills.
  • A nurse. Nurses help you understand and carry out the team’s treatment recommendations. They are available to answer questions before, during and after your visit.
  • A care or service coordinator. Our care coordinators help you find the resources you need at Cincinnati Children’s and in the community. They offer one-on-one support and provide educational materials related to your child’s development and education.

If your child is experiencing problems with nutrition or growth, your appointment might include time with our registered dietitian. The dietitian has specialized training to help children with concerns related to getting the right nutrition for healthy growth and development.