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Leo's Story: New York Fathers Thank Colorectal Surgeon

Video Transcript 

Kenny Zagare, Leo Weissman's Dad:  "Dear Dr. Rymeski. From the moment our son, Leo, came to us through an adoption placement, he has brought endless joy to our lives. When we were exploring adoption, our social worker reached out about a baby boy diagnosed with Hirschsprung's disease. He had already undergone emergency surgery and had a fighting spirit."

Greg Weissman, Leo's other dad: "We thought of this child  fighting for his life in a hospital crib, and of course, we responded to our social worker with an emphatic 'Yes!' We instantly fell in love with Leo and knew with certainty we could provide a safe and nurturing home and get him the best care there was."

Kenny: "Not only do we have doctors in our family, but we live in the New York metropolitan area with access to a broad range of incredible physicians and medical facilities."

Greg: "One of the highest-rated pediatric GI surgeons in the country referred us to Cincinnati Children's."

Kenny: "After reaching out through email, you immediately made time to call us and talk about our son."

Beth Rymeski, DO, pediatric surgeon, Colorectal Center: "The first time we actually met was when he came in when he actually got acutely sick back in New York. He was hospitalized, and they weren't really quite able to figure out what was going on. So, ultimately, they decided to pack him up and drove him out here, and we admitted him to the hospital and operated on him a few days later."

Greg: "We knew with all certainty that we brought our son where he needed to be. The staff went above and beyond for him. Your optimism was all we needed to stay hopeful. You answered all our concerns."

Kenny: "Leo did spectacularly well. You and your team kept a close eye on his healing. Shortly enough, he bounced back and continued to have stellar growth."

Greg: "Having a child with special medical needs is an incredible experience. Leo's strength, tenacity and bravery amaze us every day. (Dr. Rymeski reading the letter) Words cannot describe the magnitude of working with a physician who not only holds incredible knowledge but makes the effort to know their patient and adjust the treatment to their needs. You are that physician for our son. You always put us at ease."

Kenny: "You can see how much we love Leo. You trust us and how we care for him and have gone beyond all expectations to ensure his health and happiness. We couldn't be happier with our experience at Cincinnati Children's and continue to recommend the Colorectal Center to other patients of children with Hirschsprung's disease."


Kenny and Greg