Our Treatment Approach

A Personalized Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

If your child has been diagnosed with an anorectal malformation or other colorectal disorder, we know it can be a tremendous source of stress for your family. Our experienced team is here to provide support and solutions, all in a friendly and positive environment that will put your family at ease.

At the Colorectal Center, our specialists work together to provide well-coordinated, personal care. Your child’s nurse will be your family’s point person and advocate on the colorectal care team. She is available by phone or email to answer questions and provide information. She may call to see how your child is doing after a change in the treatment plan, or to check in if we haven’t seen your child in a while. This kind of attention and care is a hallmark of our program, and helps kids achieve the best outcomes and quality of life possible.

Keeping the “big picture” in mind

Our team will care for your child’s immediate health concerns. But we’ll also talk to you about the health challenges your child may face five, 10 or even 20 years from now. Anticipating these challenges, which can affect areas of life such as bowel control, sexual relations and fertility, can mean fewer surprises and better outcomes. We’ll help you understand what to expect and help you prepare.

Long-term follow up is essential for children with a colorectal condition. We encourage patients to return to the center for a follow-up visit at different stages of their lives, including during the teenage years and as they are thinking about having children of their own.

For those who travel from outside the region

If you are traveling from outside the Cincinnati region, please know that our team is very flexible when it comes to your child’s follow-up care. Your child can receive ongoing care at the Colorectal Center, from their hometown care team, or a combination of both—whatever works best for your family.

Our team will share visit summaries and treatment plans with your child’s hometown care providers, and is always available to discuss any concerns or questions they may have.