At the Colorectal Center, our specialists work together to provide coordinated, integrated care. Over time we develop close relationships with patients, many of whom return to our center for lifelong follow-up care. We understand what patients need to experience an exceptional quality of life.

Before your child’s first visit, one of our experienced nurses will call you to ask questions about your child’s medical history. She also may request test results and medical information from your previous treatment providers. After collecting as much background information as possible, the nurse will share it with the team in a meeting led by one of our colorectal surgeons.

During this meeting, specialists in colorectal surgery, gastroenterology, urology, gynecology and many other fields will talk about your child’s condition and possible treatment options. They will be joined by other team members, such as a dietitian, child life specialist and rehabilitation therapists. Together, they will consider the “big picture,” rather than focusing solely on their own areas of expertise, and create a preliminary treatment plan. The nurse will share that plan with you on the phone.

If, after considering this plan, you decide to bring your child to the Colorectal Center, our team will create a detailed schedule for your visit. This comprehensive visit typically lasts several days, and includes appointments with various specialists, diagnostic tests, extensive family education and, if possible, treatment. If surgery is needed, we try to schedule it during this initial visit so that you do not have to make a second trip.