The Bowel Management Program at the Colorectal Center is a one-week outpatient program for children who are unable to anticipate or control their bowel activity. Each year, approximately 250 children from all over the world participate in this intensive program, and many of them are in normal underwear by the end of the week! By maintaining bowel management after the program ends, these patients can avoid bowel accidents, permanent colostomy and dependence on diapers. The improvement in self-esteem and quality of life is often remarkable.

Although the program is designed primarily for children age three and up, many adults have completed it with success. The Bowel Management Program is often a good fit for patients with:

The key to success is dedication, timing and teamwork between the patient, families and medical team. We tailor each child’s regimen to his or her specific needs. Each child’s outcomes will depend in part on the severity of their condition. While some children may achieve bowel control through diet, some will continue to need laxatives and/or enemas.