Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced Diagnostics

The Colorectal Center offers sophisticated tests to ensure the most accurate diagnosis and obtain a thorough understanding of each patient’s anatomy prior to treatment. These tests also can help us evaluate how well treatment is working.

Our team has extensive experience in performing these tests on children. We make the process as friendly and stress-free as possible. Among the many tests we perform are:

  • Contrast enemas
  • Distal colostograms
  • MRI, ultrasound, abdominal X-ray and other imaging studies
  • Urodynamics studies, including voiding cysto-urethrogram (VCUG)
  • Motility tests such as pH-impedance monitoring, manometry (including colonic), transit studies, gastric emptying scan, contrast radiologic studies

Some of these tests require the use of radiation. As part of our commitment to patient safety, our radiology team participates in Image Gently, a national initiative to raise awareness about methods that reduce radiation dose during pediatric medical imaging exams. We follow protocols that limit radiation exposure, while still providing high-quality images to assist in diagnosing and treating colorectal conditions.

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Conditions Treated

The Colorectal Center provides specialized care for complex colorectal conditions, including Hirschsprung disease, fecal incontinence, and idiopathic constipation. Read More
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