Zsolt Varga was born on Valentine’s Day in 1995 in Hungary with a condition doctors there were unfamiliar with. He had Hirschsprung’s disease and complications related to the painful and sometimes life-threatening gastrointestinal condition that blocks the intestines.

He had surgery as a toddler, but his condition worsened again in 2001 to the point where he had to be transferred my medical helicopter to Budapest for care. Even that wasn’t enough. He wasn’t getting better. His family posted fliers and turned to social media for help. His community rallied around him to raise money for him to travel to find better treatment. His doctor referred him to experts from Cincinnati Children’s.

The Cincinnati Children’s team did an initial surgery for Zsolt in Serbia, but he needed a second-stage surgery. His care team felt he would receive the best care if he traveled to Cincinnati. So he did. The surgery was successful, and he stayed for nearly two years while he recovered. Now he’s able to go back home and get back to living.

This is Zsolt's story.