Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring for Chronic Conditions

Cincinnati Children’s launched a remote patient monitoring program with the goal of improving outcomes and experience for patients with chronic conditions.

Patients and families use Bluetooth-enabled devices to record health information such as blood pressure, weight, temperature, pulse and blood sugar. The data are then securely transmitted to the care team. Additionally, patients complete condition-specific electronic questionnaires to provide an update on their current health.

All of the information is reviewed by a team of registered nurses who partner with care teams to address concerns. Our hope is that if there is a change in the patient’s condition, it can be caught earlier and proper treatment changes made to avoid inpatient stays or a trip to the emergency department.

What are the benefits of remote monitoring for my family?

  • Patients are more engaged in their health which can result in better adherence to treatment plans (such as taking medications as directed).
  • Families have increased confidence to learn new care for conditions knowing they have regular check-ins with a supportive care team.
  • Patients have less need for emergency room visits and inpatient stays if condition changes are identified and treated before they get worse.

Patients will be enrolled in remote monitoring at the direction of their doctor.