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Telemedicine is the sharing of medical information from one site to another using electronic communications to improve patients' health.

Telehealth can be considered a synonym to telemedicine. Some, including the Center for Telehealth at Cincinnati Children’s, consider telehealth to be a broader term that includes remote healthcare that is not always a clinical service. This can include education and training.

Cincinnati Children’s provides diagnostic services, inpatient and outpatient consultations and provider-to-provider conferences which allow discussion of cases and treatment options. We also offer remote patient monitoring now as a service through the Center for Telehealth. We currently offer telehealth services in many of our nationally ranked specialties.

Telehealth at Cincinnati Children’s is designed to improve your access to our pediatric specialists through the use of technology. We can provide specialty consults for your patients to assist in making decisions about their care plan without having them travel to Cincinnati. We offer educational opportunities through our Project ECHO program.

For telehealth encounters, the type of video equipment and devices needed depends on the service being provided. Often a computer, tablet, or smart phone can be used to connect patients and providers. However, in some instances, a telemedicine cart is needed that uses a computer, multiple screens, a codec, and medical peripherals. Medical peripherals are devices (otoscopy, stethoscope or hand held camera) that work along with the video technology to allow the provider with the patient to share images or sounds from a physical exam with the remote provider to aid in the assessment. All telemedicine software we use allows for the encounter to be encrypted and HIPAA compliant.

For provider-to-provider telehealth, we use a variety of equipment to connect physicians. Generally, a computer, tablet, or a smart phone is sufficient. All telemedicine software allows for the conference to be encrypted and HIPAA compliant.

Telehealth Clinic or Consults: If you are interested in collaborating with us, contact us to discuss opportunities to work with you to meet the needs of your patient population.

Provider Telehealth: Often, these provider-to-provider conferences are through contractual partnerships with sites that have sufficient patient volume to support a multidisciplinary case conference several times annually. Onsite training and education are typically included in our partnerships with the goal of improving care and changing pediatric outcomes. Additionally, there are some instances where we will leverage provider telehealth for one-off conferences, specifically for transition-of-care conversations.

Dr. Flint (Palliative Care) talks with a patient.
From her office, pediatrician Hilary A. Flint, DO, MEd, speaks with a patient at home. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please email us at

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