After your child is referred to the Liver Transplant Center at Cincinnati Children's, our care team will begin planning a comprehensive transplant evaluation. The evaluation will include doctor appointments and testing, such as blood work and X-rays. Our goal is to confirm the diagnosis of liver disease, determine its severity and establish how urgent the need for liver transplant surgery may be. We can complete all of these appointments and tests within a month of receiving the referral, as urgency entails, or even sooner for the most urgent cases.

Testing can take place on an outpatient basis. But if your child is hospitalized during the evaluation process due to liver failure or another urgent condition, we will continue with the evaluation during the hospital stay.

As part of the evaluation process, your family will meet members of the liver transplant team and learn about our approach to pre- and post-transplant care. We will make sure your family understands the details of your child’s illness, the transplant operation and the risks and benefits of this surgery. The process may seem overwhelming at times, but please know that our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Evaluations for living donors

If a family friend or relative has expressed interest in being a living donor for your child, he or she will undergo an medical and psychosocial evaluation at this time as well to make sure there a no reasons precluding him/her from partial liver donation . This potential donor will work closely with a living donor coordinator, whose job is to give social and emotional support, and make sure the potential donor understands the risks and benefits of donating part of a liver.

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