After your child is referred to the Liver Transplant Center at Cincinnati Children's, he or she will be scheduled for a complete transplant evaluation. The evaluation will include appointments with many members of the liver transplant team, as well as blood work and X-rays.

We do our best to schedule evaluations as quickly as possible, but it may take three to four weeks. In cases of sudden liver failure or other urgent situations, we may admit your child to the hospital for transplant evaluation.

During the evaluation, we hope to accomplish several goals. We introduce you and your family to the members of the liver transplant team and we explain our approach to pre- and post-transplant management. We may confirm the referring physician’s diagnosis of liver disease, and will determine the disease’s severity and the urgency of the need for transplantation. We will also make sure your family understands the details of your child’s illness, the transplant operation and its risks and benefits.