Children can have a variety of problems when trying to eat. Occupational therapy (OT) will assess and provide treatment to help families facing these problems.

Why Choose Us?

At Cincinnati Children's, our therapists:

  • Are trained in child development
  • Have specialized training in oral motor and feeding treatment
  • Provide family centered care
  • Have access to a medical team including doctors and nutritionists
  • Provide individual and/or group treatment

Our occupational therapists are also part of team at Cincinnati Children’s that serve children with complex feeding needs.

Who Can Benefit? 

Infants or children who have trouble with eating may benefit from this service. This can include difficulty with:

  • Taking a bottle
  • Transitioning to table foods and/or cup drinking
  • Gagging or spitting out food
  • Eating a healthy variety of foods (Picky eaters)
  • Meal time behaviors
  • Chewing
  • Being excessively messy or slow when eating

Location of Service

Services are provided at all outpatient locations, as well as the inpatient and clinic settings (including High Risk and Interdisciplinary Feeding Team) located at our Main (Burnet) Campus.