The SAEBO® Flex is a dynamic hand brace or orthotic designed to improve a patient's range of motion and reduce the effects of spasticity. Users are custom-fit with the SAEBO® Flex device. Specific exercises are done to improve range of motion in the wrist and fingers.  

The SAEBO® Reach device is used at the elbow. It can be used in combination with the SAEBO ®Flex.  

The SAEBO STRETCH is a prefabricated wrist / hand orthotic that helps to stretch muscles. 

Why Choose Us?

Cincinnati Children's therapists are specially trained and certified by SAEBO® to prescribe and fit patients with a SAEBO® device. 

Who Can Benefit?

Any child with spasticity in the fingers, hand, wrist, or elbow. Specific diagnoses may include: pediatric stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), acquired brain injury (ABI), and / or after brain tumor resection.

Location of Service

SAEBO® products are available at the Outpatient – Cincinnati Children's Drake Satellite location