Serial casting uses a series of casts to hold and stretch muscles in the arm or leg. Each cast is put on and worn for 3-7 days and then removed.  The series of casts can last from 10 days to 4 weeks. Serial casting can provide the following benefits: increased flexibility, improved range of motion, increased tolerance to manual stretching, and improved fit of splints or braces. 

Why Choose Us?

Cincinnati Children’s offers serial casting for children with a variety of diagnoses at many Cincinnati Children's Hospital Outpatient locations. The treatment provided is based on current knowledge and research. The OT/PT Department at Cincinnati Children's has written a guideline for serial casting with the leg in children

Who Can Benefit? 

Children with the following conditions can benefit from this service: cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, muscular dystrophy, idiopathic toe walking, joint contracture, or spasticity.

Location of Service

Serial casting can be performed either while a patient is staying at Cincinnati Children's, or in an outpatient setting. Serial casting is offered at the following neighborhood locations: Medical Office Building on Burnet, Northern Kentucky, Fairfield, Green Township, Mason, Liberty Township, and Eastgate.