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CCHAT – Information for Patients and Families

The mission of the Cincinnati Children’s Hearing Aid Trust (CCHAT) is to provide Ohio children from birth to 3 years of age with their first set of hearing aids for free.

Please read the following to learn more about receiving financial assistance through CCHAT:

If you have not already done so, seek assistance through your practicing BCMH / Medicaid-approved audiologist. Have the audiologist contact the CCHAT coordinator to move forward. If you need assistance locating an audiologist or physician, contact CCHAT coordinator Kelly Brockman.  

If you have visited your audiologist and he or she has contacted the CCHAT coordinator, submitted the appropriate forms and instructed you to visit our website, read the following information before contacting the CCHAT coordinator.

Contact the CCHAT coordinator at 513-636-CHAT (2428) to begin the application process.

Your child’s hearing device will be ordered and received by the dispensing audiologist within 48 hours.

It is the patient’s guardian’s responsibility to contact the CCHAT coordinator with any change in information. The guardian is also responsible for keeping all appointments that are pertinent to the patient’s hearing disorder until otherwise notified by the practicing audiologist or physician. The parent / guardian is responsible for returning the hearing device to CCHAT in the case that the child no longer needs it  due to an improvement in hearing or cochlear implant.

If you have read and understand this information, contact Kelly Brockman, CCHAT coordinator, at 513-636-2428.  She will advise you on which forms to download and will guide you through the application process.

Forms to Download

The following information can be downloaded in portable document format (PDF). You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to read these files.

Information for Healthcare Professionals

Learn more about the Cincinnati Children’s Hearing Aid Trust (CCHAT), including information for healthcare professionals.

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