Patient and Family Resources

Comprehensive, Compassionate, and Respectful Care for Patients and Families

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate and respectful care to every patient and family we serve. Our team of experts offers individualized care and attention to match your child’s unique needs, and we provide a variety of resources to ensure your child and family receive the support you need during your time with us.

To make your visit and treatment a smooth process, we offer a number of online resources. Use the following links to learn more about our services and resources available to help your child and family:

Family-Centered Care

On-site facilities such as the Family Resource Center provide personal, comprehensive, up-to-date assistance. Family Resource Center staff offer the most current information in response to questions related to diagnoses, medical conditions or procedures. If you would like assistance working with your child’s school, the Family Resource Center can also help.

At Cincinnati Children’s, our specialists partner with primary care physicians and families to make complete, informed medical decisions. Our team works with you and your child as members of the care team, to ensure that you can make the most informed, appropriate decisions about your child’s care.

Support Services

Cincinnati Children’s provides many support services for families, including:

Meet Our Team

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Conditions Treated

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