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Pediatric Home Ventilator

Promoting Transition from Hospital to Home

The Pediatric Home Ventilator Program at Cincinnati Children's is dedicated to supporting the care of children with diseases that require chronic mechanical ventilation. Our goal is to safely and seamlessly transition children from the hospital to the home, improving quality of life for both your child and your family.

Our team of specialists from a variety of fields works with at least two of your child’s caregivers to establish an at-home ventilation program that best meets your child’s needs. We work with you to optimize every aspect of your child’s environment, from selecting the most appropriate portable ventilation equipment to helping establish a medically and socially safe environment. Our support is ongoing: we will work with your family to help your child achieve optimal growth and development, minimize hospital visits and enjoy the best possible quality of life.

Outpatient Ventilation Care

A key part of a successful home ventilation plan is quality outpatient care. We will see your child at least quarterly, and more often if her condition requires it. Outpatient visits take place in the outpatient clinic of the Division of Pulmonary Medicine, fifth floor of Location C, at Cincinnati Children’s.

Outpatient evaluations include a comprehensive history and physical examination, assessment of growth, measurements of oxygenation and ventilation and, when possible, other measurements of lung function. Depending on your child’s unique needs, your visit may include time with an attending pulmonary doctor, a nutritionist or a social worker. A nurse coordinator will contact you in advance of clinic visits to determine which providers should be present and what testing will be scheduled. Arrive for registration 15 minutes before your child’sappointment.

We understand that your child’s needs don’t stop at the end of her outpatient visit. Our staff is available via telephone and email to consult with you or your child’s caregivers. This helps us monitor your child’s respiratory status without excessive office visits.

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