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Sports Medicine

Pediatric Sports Medicine Experts

If your child has a sports-related injury or is looking for ways to avoid common injuries related to their sport, we can help.

At the Division of Sports Medicine, we specialize in the growing athlete, and our goal is to help your child get back to the sport they love quickly and safely.

Our multidisciplinary team includes sports medicine physicians, sports physical therapists, sports orthopaedic physicians and youth-specific athletic trainers. The collaboration among this group of experts provides a one-stop shop for young athletes. 

Our full continuum of care includes injury prevention, screenings and treatment—including surgical and nonsurgical care, therapy and rehabilitation services.

We are focused on enriching the lives of children and adolescents by physical activity and sport. We strive to deliver expert clinical care to young athletes, pioneer research for sports injury prevention and rehabilitation, and build deep relationships within our community to improve physical activity for youth.

Why Choose Us

  • Region’s Only Pediatric Sports Medicine Program: Growing bodies have different needs than adult bodies. Our sports medicine program is the only one in the Greater Cincinnati area that specializes in treating young and adolescent athletes. Our physicians are experts in the needs of young athletes. 
  • Sports Specialty Clinics: Experts in our specialty clinics use advanced techniques to focus on strength, flexibility and sports-specific movements. The main goal of these clinics is to help athletes stay healthy and minimize injury or re-injury. Learn more about our Sports Specialty Clinics.
  • Pediatric Injury Specialists: Our sports physical therapists are specifically trained to treat young athletes. We’ll create personalized care plans to address your child’s needs.
  • Top-Ranked Orthopaedic Program: The Cincinnati Children’s pediatric orthopaedic surgery program is ranked among the top 3 in the nation. Our surgeons use leading-edge technology to avoid damage to growth plates during surgical procedures—reducing the risk of growth disturbances, such as limb deformity or shortening near joints.
  • Telehealth Visits Available: We offer Telehealth video appointments for both new and follow-up visits. Learn more about Telehealth
  • Second Opinions: If you want a second opinion about a diagnosis or treatment, our sports medicine specialists can help with in-person, telehealth and online appointments. Learn more about second opinions.  

Locations & Physicians Near You

We have several clinics conveniently located across Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana where we can often offer same-day and next-day appointments. Find a location near you