Expert Sports Medicine Care

The Division of Sports Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s is focused on enriching the lives of children and adolescents by physical activity and sport. We strive to deliver expert clinical care to young athletes, pioneer research for sports injury prevention and rehabilitation, and build deep relationships with our community that improve physical activity for youth.

Meet Our Patients

Our team of experts made dreams come true for one Big Ten athlete. Learn more about Lexi Dannemiller and her experience with the Sports Medicine Biodynamics Center.

Locations & Physicians

Our physicians are located at the following neighborhood locations, where you can make same day and next day appointments. To make an appointment at any of our locations, please call 513-636-4366.

Location Physicians
Anderson  Dr. Kate Berz; Dr. Gregory Walker
Burnet   Dr. Eric Wall; Dr. Shital Parikh
Green Township     Dr. Gregory Walker; Dr. Shital Parikh
Liberty  Dr. Paul Gubanich; Dr. Eric Wall; Dr. Shital Parikh
Mason  Dr. Kelsey Logan; Dr. Eric Wall
Northern Kentucky  Dr. Shital Parikh
Oak  Dr. Kate Berz; Dr. Kelsey Logan; Dr. Eric Wall

In the News

Shoulder Pain in Swimmers With few exceptions, shoulder pain in a swimmer will be an overuse injury, writes Sports Medicine athletic trainer, Rebecca Connolly. Read more from our blog

Iron in Athletes Is there a role for measuring ferritin levels? Find out with Sports Medicine's Greg Walker, MD, FAAP. 

Concussion Care

To make an appointment with one of our physicians, please call 513-803-HEAD (4323).

Learn more about how we treat concussions.